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Thu 24th Apr 2014

RT @liamgallagher: OASIS LG

Tue 22nd Apr 2014

The long awaited Windle V Mo Farah may be on. Entered the ballot for London Marathon this morning. @philmondo79 @emilywindle

Tue 15th Apr 2014

@philmondo79 @DrEdWild @Jongriffiths82 @MintyPNE @emilywindle @smdly the person that went with highway code. Austin was the actual winner

Tue 15th Apr 2014

@philmondo79 @DrEdWild @Jongriffiths82 @MintyPNE I may have replied quicker, but may cars calendar wasn't working

Tue 15th Apr 2014

@DrEdWild @philmondo79 @Jongriffiths82 @MintyPNE limited internet access sorry. Correct answer was clock

Mon 14th Apr 2014

No one in the car can get my I spy. It begins with C. The car and my phone has one, but they existed well before cars were around.

Sun 13th Apr 2014

7am on a Monday morning and I'm buying Proseco. @emilywindle

Sat 5th Apr 2014

Just been asked if @McNeaney and myself are brothers. Was very tempted to say he was my little brother.

Sat 5th Apr 2014

Sat in Fishergate and repeatedly being called Nancy Boy, by a woman that looks like she has escaped from somewhere

Fri 4th Apr 2014

Operation Christmas tree was a success

Wed 2nd Apr 2014

Got a wave off David Moyes in Preston this morning on way into work. He obviously still remembers my transfer advice in Squires, May 2001.

Sun 30th Mar 2014

@danherd @joekw2008 @BUSAPAR3 @Dan_Blake1 good for November, although a summer meet up May be a nice change

Mon 24th Mar 2014

@MintyPNE @emilywindle an allergy to cheese is a serious condition and should not be mocked #acute-cheeseitis

Mon 24th Mar 2014

RT @MintyPNE: @emilywindle @windleweb allergic to cheese my arse! He eats pizzas!

Sun 23rd Mar 2014

At last. 180 on #dartsmatch. Even better that it was against @emilywindle

Sat 15th Mar 2014

Accidently put £10 on Cardiff to beat Everton 3 - 0. I'll be able to retire if a miracle occurs at Godison today.

Sat 1st Mar 2014

Had the pleasure of sitting in front of Oshor Williams today.

Sat 1st Mar 2014

Good news - put a bet on north end to win 2-1. Bad news - I ticked the wrong box and selected Walsall to win.

Fri 28th Feb 2014

Flappy birds made me very angry

Fri 28th Feb 2014

Just what I wanted to hear from Austin as we leave for school this morning 'i think I need a poo poo and a wee'

Thu 27th Feb 2014

Very exciting start to the morning. I have Kitkat!

Sat 15th Feb 2014

Any chance @pnefc can bring the came forward by 3 hours today? Gutted I can't get on the match in honour of Sir Tom.

Fri 14th Feb 2014

RIP Tom Finney

Fri 14th Feb 2014

World's best valentine present from @emilywindle. A family KFC bucket delivered to the office.

Thu 6th Feb 2014

@emilywindle it's amazing what can be done with blue-tac and a stapler

Sun 26th Jan 2014

@emilywindle has just offered to make me a cup of tea and it's not even my birthday

Tue 14th Jan 2014

@danherd yep, beating sides in the championship as per tonight. #premierleaguechampionsby2020

Tue 14th Jan 2014

@danherd htfc would make Messi look crap. Garner had to come to a top team to show potential

Thu 2nd Jan 2014

Off to Alton towers hotel. Nice change to not having to go back to work after New year.

Mon 30th Dec 2013

RT @pnefc: Now your Christmas turkey has digested, watch PNE's 13 pass, 10 man goal against Carlisle on Boxing Day again!…

Sat 28th Dec 2013

Oh i did what i did for maria.

Wed 18th Dec 2013

Not an enjoyable cycle ride home

Mon 16th Dec 2013

@DrEdWild @GazSutton @emilywindle ハッピーバースデーの老人

Sun 15th Dec 2013

All I want for Xmas is Suarez to have a stinker today. My fantasy football reputation depends on it.

Sat 14th Dec 2013

@danherd I think he writes a song in the goblet of fire so it must be that one.

Sat 14th Dec 2013

Just realised that Ian brown is in the leaky cauldron in harry potter prisoner of Azkaban

Sat 7th Dec 2013

@pidmyster @emilywindle that's a bit like saying there's light at the end of a waste pipe

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